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  Foot Care Cosmetics for Professionals

Imperial Feet offers a versatile range of foot care products containing a natural and balanced composition of ingredients.
As a family business of 3 generations we believe in providing a choice of quality solutions, helping our partners and their clients to achieve their goals.
Our products have been exhaustively tested by foot care specialists, exhibiting highly impressive results. Being a leading brand in the Dutch foot care industry known as Samenwerkende Pedicures since 2001, we now work with professionals all around the world.

Our trusted solutions are suitable for diabetics and paraben free. Imperial Feet is exclusively sold by foot care specialists and distributors.


What others say about us 

Here you can find opinions, testimonies and references from our distributors and foot care professionals. 
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Imperial Feet is a product line from the Netherlands I fell in love with after using on my clients for a few months. The line promotes healthy nails and feet. I have used many product lines over the years that promise to improve one condition or another to no avail so when I started using this product line I had my skepticism. I was pleasantly surprised when my clients came back the following month with marked improvement in their nail condition
— Lori Halloway - United States
‘This is the first product, in my experience, which has consistently made a difference to fungal mycosis, firstly because there is sufficient in the bottle to allow treatment daily, and secondly because it stimulates healthy nail growth, at the same time as suppressing mycosis’’ 
— Petra, Bad Apotheke, Germany
“I had a really severe case of athlete’s foot for several years. I used to get itchy burning feet and small blisters appearing all over my feet that used to ooze. I tried everything I could find and nothing would work. After using the Imperial Feet Athlete Foot Solution and Anti- Fungal Spray for 3 days I noticed a considerable difference. Within 5 to 7 days it was gone! Thank you very much!’
— P.Brown, Dr Foot, UK

The Product Story

Read more about how Imperial Feet was developed and why it is trusted by thousands of feet all over the world.

The Advantages

 Revolutionary and Innovative Formula's
Trusted solution for fungal infections
no water!
✓ Each product has been exhaustively tested by foot care specialists
Well balanced combination of natural ingredients
✓ Suitable for Diabetics

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This unique and exclusive range of foot care products allows you to join thousands of foot care specialists in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, the Caribbean and more countries who are already building their business by increasing their revenue and improving their patient experience. 


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