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Everything you need to know about toenail fungus

Believe it or not, fungal infections are one of the most common foot conditions in the world. The good news is, that ...

Autumn arrives with a brand new nail color: Purple!

We are getting in the mood for a new season, Fall is in the air! Imperial Feet launches a great new nail polish colo...

Wendy-Ann Pompey: An awesome talent straight from Trinidad and Tobago

When we think about a purpose in life, Wendy Ann is the true meaning of the expression. She has 12 years of professio...

Well-being starts with our feet! Get to know Imperial Feet’s products especially made for you.

The medical and cosmetic solutions of Imperial Feet provide that essential care requirement you’ve been looking for....

Top 8 products for summer 2020!

Top 8 products for summer 2020! Finally hot days are here and the inevitable invitation is coming: “Would you like ...
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