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Autumn arrives with a brand new nail color: Purple!

We are getting in the mood for a new season, Fall is in the air! Imperial Feet launches a great new nail polish color for the fall, please welcome our purple nail polish: Happy Feet!

Our advanced formula provides an effective breathable and oxygenated nail polish allowing you to continue your nail healing process without losing your perfect look. Starting at this time of the year, this is the right solution for a fungal infection recovery or even to give your feet a nice makeover!

Purple as a royal color

Purple is known as the color that can lead to differing feelings, emotions, and associations. So it’s definitely an interesting color to use in your next pedicure! 

All of our Imperial Feet nail polishes are meant to look stunning on every shade of skin. Did you know that purple is the symbol of royalty and wealth? Yes, it is! 

Beauty and functionality, all rolled into one!

We understand you need effective ingredients even in the cosmetic line, with different options of colors that go from the discretion of the nude “Barefoot in the Sand” to the glamour of the red “Feel Imperial”.

Imperial Feet’s nail polishes are designed to be applied on different occasions with the guarantee of a brand that not only knows the aesthetic subject but also, and most importantly, a brand committed to the care and health of your feet.

Purple is simply amazing

The Imperial Feets purple nail polish Happy Feet is a glossy color, and it is already available on the market! Following the steps of its predecessors in red, nude, and pink this product can also be used on healthy nails and is suitable for diabetics.

It’s very simple to use! Just apply one coat of the nail polish and your nails will be protected. Two coats will take it to the next level and leave your nails with a fresh and shiny finish. If you use the Nail Mycosis Solution, just follow the instructions and let it dry.

Don’t forget that our breathable nail polish is a powerful strengthening treatment. Using Oxygen technology your nails will be protected while letting the nail beds breathe. You can still use Happy Feet purple nail polish in combination with the Nail Mycosis treatment and Shoe and Sock spray.

It’s time to feel imperial!

We really hope you enjoy an imperial color nail for this season!

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