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A toast for the lovely ladies: Happy International Women’s Day!

At Imperial Feet, we want to celebrate International Women's Day by taking care of your delicate legs and feet. This month we introduce you to the best personal care routine to make you feel free of fatigue and fully revitalized! Learn about Imperial Feet's Magnesium Oil and all its benefits.

The arrival of spring and women have many things in common. Both are revitalizing, inspirational, and beautiful. This article is dedicated to all the strong, compassionate, beautiful, unique, powerful women in the world! Magnesium oil has many properties that help reduce the risk of varicose veins and spider veins, among many other things that we are excited to tell you about in this following post.  

You won't believe how many benefits you get from magnesium!
Keep in mind this! Magnesium is an essential mineral for the organism, and it is involved in more than 325 reactions in our body. For different reasons, it is common to have a deficit of magnesium levels. Magnesium plays several roles in the body, affecting the muscles, bones, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

What is the best source of magnesium?
A few years ago, you could get magnesium from foods like vegetables and nuts since the soil was rich in the element. Nowadays, however, this has changed. So it is becoming increasingly hard to provide the body with the required amount. 

Some foods we consume are frequently low in magnesium because agricultural practices use artificial chemical fertilizers and chemical treatments with harmful pesticides and herbicides. Even an unbalanced diet and excessive medication are lack of magnesium reasons.

Don't worry! There is an excellent solution for you.
Imperial Feet’s Magnesium Oil will give you a leg up in obtaining it externally!. It is a fantastic plus to your foot care routine to minimize general pain in your legs. Its sublime formula is easily absorbed. 
It is the best method to absorb magnesium because it goes directly to the blood vessels that distribute it to all the body cells. It is faster than ingesting it in capsules, considering the digestion process is complex. 

How to apply magnesium oil to the skin?
It's very easy! You may apply it on clean skin after showering, massaging the most affected areas, and let it dry naturally. For optimal results, use in combination with Imperial Feet’s Honey Balm. Our skin absorbs only the amount it needs, leaving the rest on the surface.

May every moment of your day be filled with happiness! 
If you are consistent, you will quickly notice an increase in your energy and vitality, a relief of many of the most common pains, the strengthening of the immune system, among other improvements. Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, and it regulates blood glucose levels, a quality highly appreciated by people with diabetes.

Some tips for athletes 
If you are a runner or an athlete, you can apply Magnesium Oil to any area of your body, especially on muscles and joints, to avoid cramps, contractions, and muscle pain.
Excessive sweating may cause magnesium deficiency. This is a common situation that directly affects athletes, especially runners in hot weather or under demanding competitions, such as long-distance races. The use of magnesium oil could improve your performance.
It is not advisable to apply magnesium oil directly on wounds or scratches on the skin. 
Ok! Let's try to remember the magnesium oil benefits:
Controls stress: Allows balancing the activity of some hormones linked to stress episodes, as stated in a study conducted by the Iasi University in Romania. A large number of anti-anxiety and anti-stress products contain this mineral among their main components. 

Reduces pain: Like back, head, and joint pain. This mineral promotes muscle relaxation and, by reducing inflammation, accelerates the recovery process. This is stated in a study conducted by Dr. Forrest H Nielsen.

Improves the skin: It moisturizes, rejuvenates, and strengthens it, in addition to alleviating some common problems such as allergies, sunburn, etc. It cleans pores and prevents the formation of acne as it helps regulate oil formation. 

Relaxes muscles: It reduces the feeling of fatigue and relieves most common problems, such as ramps or spasms. 

Strengthens bones: It helps to improve the assimilation of calcium. It is an antioxidant.

For the joints: Softens the symptoms of arthritis and other related diseases.
In a concluding sentence, this product has so many benefits that you will love. It is worth having Imperial Feet´s Magnesium Oil on hand and celebrating together this wonderful month in honor of women. Happy International Women's Day to you!

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