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Be my Honey Balm: Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you're planning to get closer to your sweetheart, catch his attention with soft, velvet, moisturized skin. Make the most of this holiday as the perfect opportunity to make him fall at your feet with our Honey Balm!

While this year's day of love may be different than what we're used to, we can still show in some creative way how much we love that important person in our life.

Celebrate the month of love by discovering our collection of balms, and especially, Honey Balm, highly concentrated in pure honey and marigold, two powerful ingredients that work wonders on your skin.

Honey has been used for centuries as a medicinal resource. It balances oily skin, hydrates dry skin, and reduces inflammation, in other words, it is Liquid Gold! Meanwhile, marigold, also known as "calendula", is used as antibacterial, soothing, and anti-itch to heal feet conditions.

One Balm, One Heart
Remember that with any beauty routine, skincare should be priority number one. Nourishing the skin on our feet is essential. Follow these simple steps: Wash your feet before bed, dry them carefully and apply the Honey Balm. Then put on your favorite socks. In the morning, you'll have very soft feet!

Honey Balm Forever!
You can also use it on your hands, it comes in a practical size ideal to take it wherever you go and it's great for a relaxing feet massage. Excellent to use in combination with corns and calluses scrub: After removing corn or calluses, honey revitalizes the skin. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

In love, anything goes!
Whether you're getting ready for a romantic dinner at home or a surprise that requires physical activity, at the end of the day you'll want to feel as comfortable as possible. We suggest you use a deodorant like Foot Deo Spray by Imperial Feet because it will help you maintain that nice-feeling of freshness from the beginning of the day until the end of the night. 

*Plus: Our antiperspirant spray includes a pleasant eucalyptus and menthol fragrance to pamper your feet. Remember what we learned from last season, to get our gifts on time, we should order them early.

All you need is Honey Balm
We wanted to share something romantic for this special month, what do you think? Surprise your favorite person and get out of the routine for a while. Enjoy the healing properties of a balm with an irresistible fragrance, and stay tuned to our next content created especially for you.
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