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Discover our 6 best-selling products!

As we reach the halfway point of 2021, we want to show you the list of our customers' 6 favorite products to keep your feet healthy for the rest of the year! 

6 fool-proof foot care products:

It's no news that feet need daily care, but the truth is that they only become the center of our attention when they hurt. With this handy list of products from Imperial Feet, relief for your feet comes in the form of specific treatments to provide moisture and flexibility. 

Each one has a specific function to provide you with an effective solution for healthy and moisturized feet.

  1. Nail Mycosis Solution: the best solution for fungus treatment and prevention:

  1. Athlete's Foot Solution: Very effective to keep your routine worry-free:

  1. Fissure Balm: Relieves the discomfort of cracks by deeply moisturizing them:

  1. Corns and Calluses: Soothes your skin, improves your feet’s health and boosts your mood:

  1. Shoe and Sock Spray: Carry it with you at all times and feel confident with every step:

  1. Urea Foot Balm: The king of moisturizing for all areas of the foot:

Have you found any of them useful? I'm sure you have! All of our products contain natural ingredients and they are used by podiatry professionals all over the world. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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