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Holiday time: We announce our Christmas Gift Set!

We have just started the greetings season with a fabulous foot care treatment set that will turn your home into a spa, starting these holidays! Our Christmas Gift Set includes natural orchid and jasmine extracts, lavender, and also pine needle oil within 3 awesome foot care solutions, including an amazing scrub, a refreshing bath oil, and a relaxing balm soft for the entire family.

Cheers to healthy feet!

It is okay to help your feet stay soft and flexible, especially at this time of the year when its climate changes and dryness is at its peak. A deep moisturizing set is an original gift idea, which solves the most common foot problems while cheering anyone’s mood!.

Refreshed feet for the holidays!

Get this Exclusive Christmas Set and share the incredible skin benefits derived from the natural ingredients best-sellers with your friends and loved ones. Who doesn’t like a little pampering? Let’s check the items one by one:

Peeling is an all-time classic when it comes to feet and body treatments. The unique formula of this product is excellent to recover the skin color, improves elasticity, and increases skin hydration. 

The gentle exfoliation process will remove toxins, dead skin cells, and will make her or his skin feel soft & rejuvenated. A nice scrub can also reduce calluses, prevent aging, activate blood flow, and promote oxygenation.

We can’t have a set of pampering Christmas gifts without adding a refreshing moment. This revitalizing product has it all, Lavender is particularly popular as it relaxes and works against fungi as a disinfectant while Pine Needle Oil improves blood flow and is anti-inflammatory. 

The final touch! A delicious combination of honey and yogurt makes this product the most expected of the Christmas Gift Set. Our high-quality foot balm will gently repair the skin, making it smooth, moist, and radiant. Besides, your skin will be nourished with antioxidant properties and protected against wound infections. Amazing, isn’t it?

Hope you’ll find all these relaxation gifts useful and pampering. Now you’re ready to surprise your family with the perfect gift! If you would like to see more gift ideas, check out our entire line of products and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all things related to foot care solutions. Instagram @imperial_feet Facebook @ImperialFeet

We wish you a Merry Imperial Christmas!

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