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Simple steps to protect your feet during the Christmas Holidays

December is the best month of the year to wear nice shoes. However, sometimes our feet end up hurt, and for this reason, we share with you some simple tricks to enjoy your holidays! 

It's a tradition to meet with family and friends, but the excitement makes us forget that our feet have to feel good in new shoes to avoid further problems. 

Prevention is key

  1. Paying attention to shoes instead of our feet can bring consequences to our health. For example, if you choose a shoe with a not suitable last to your foot, like with a narrow tip for a little wide foot, the friction will not be painful at the moment, but I can assure you that it will hurt you later. Also, if you have an ingrown toenail or any other injury at your foot, it will be receiving additional pressure. 
  1. “If 39 size is too tight for you, then buy 40, and that's it!", could be a huge mistake. It's not only an issue of size but the shape of your foot and the footwear you choose. It’s a good idea to buy shoes at the end of the day because that way you can verify how your foot will feel in it when it's tired. 
  1. Another practical advice is to be careful when buying very cheap shoes because as much as we like them, sometimes they produce dermatitis in the feet. Why? The colorants they put on them are not the best quality, and they can get in contact with our skin. Have you heard this before? We just heard it from a podiatrist! So it's best to check it out in more detail or look for another purchase option.  

More tips for this season

We know that even if they are small meetings or only online, we will always want to have a different look for the December holidays. And if we're talking about choosing shoes, it's convenient to follow these tips:

* Choose a flexible material.

* Use templates if you have to.

* When you wear high heels, it is recommended to use medium height shoes, without excesses. And allow yourself a break whenever the occasion allows it.

Foot pain: reasons and recommendations

It’s common to have foot pain, and that’s why it’s valuable to know the possible causes:

* Uncomfortable or very narrow footwear.

* Overweight.

* Walking a lot.

* Deformity or problems in the feet.

To reduce foot pain -and other factors like swelling- it is also recommended to:

* Take proper rest.

* Wear comfortable shoes.

* Diet to lose extra weight.

* Consult a specialist.

… And after the holidays!

The next morning you can be amazed by our Christmas Kit specially designed for you. Enjoy an incredible oxygen refresh plus a delightful moisturizing!

Also, you can reactivate the blood flow to your feet and legs. How do you do it?  Very easy! Apply cold water to reduce swelling and then switch to hot water. Then pamper your feet with your favorite Imperial Feet balm. 

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand your feet’ needs and to enjoy December without any inconvenience. One final trick for the ladies? Carry in your purse lightweight ballerina shoes when going back home!

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