How do you use glycerin on your feet?

Keeping your feet healthy, soft, and moisturized will be an easy task if you use glycerin-based products. This special ingredient is considered one of the most complete substances to soften and treat dry feet. It also helps to relieve the itching and irritation caused by minor injuries from tightly fitting shoes or sock rubs.

What is glycerine?
It is a liquid with a viscous texture and transparent color that is obtained from vegetable oils, whose main property is to soften and moisturize. It is widely used in the elaboration of care products for the body, such as remedies, creams, lotions, and soaps.

What is glycerin used for?
In all cases, glycerin has a moisturizing effect, since it absorbs and retains humidity, meaning that it helps to attract humidity and retain liquids. It is for this reason that it contributes to the skin's hydration and helps it stay that way for a longer period of time.

Is glycerine good for feet?
Comprehensive research and a passion for foot care are the foundations of Imperial Feet's high-quality products. Glycerin is an essential element in our formulas which help to quickly relieve dehydration and bring back the elasticity and softness of our feet. So yes, glycerin is definitely effective.  

Instant benefits!
Besides nourishing your feet intensely, Imperial Feet's wide product line provides help in different foot pain and skin conditions. Among the products that contain glycerin, you may find Nail Mycosis Solution, Foot Deo Spray, Warts Solution, Foot and Leg Scrub, Honey Balm, Urea Foot Balm, Fungal Nail Treatment Set, and Callus Removal Set

Whatever is your Achilles' heel, we got you covered. Feel an immediate sense of well-being and relaxation with Imperial Feet's special care. You'll find heaven for your feet! 

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