Nail health is truly important, by specialist Kristy Johansson

Perhaps due to lack of knowledge about their protective function, there is a tendency to underestimate nail disorders. We must remember that the nails are responsible for protecting the most sensitive area of the fingers. Without nails, small traumas to this area would cause severe problems.

Pedicurist Kristy Johansson at Town Center Nail Salon in Florida, USA, explains that this is of special interest when it comes to toenails. In general, we pay little attention to them because most of the year, they are covered by footwear, but their pathologies can lead to complications and are often quite painful.

In the world of sports, one of the most frequent causes of nail injury is repetitive micro traumatisms of the toes against the shoe or against external elements such as balls, which many athletes (runners, basketball, and soccer players) suffer, causing alterations in the color, thickness, and shape of the nails.

It is relatively common to find in these athletes the presence of hematomas under the nails. But in addition to trauma, there are other pathologies, such as fungal infections, corns, or others, which cause pain and hinder sports activities.

Kristy briefly explains each one:
Fungal infections (onychomycosis) are very frequent and need to be treated because if not, they will evolve into thickening, color change, and nail loss. Imperial Feet's Nail Mycosis Solution is designed to attack this problem with a powerful formula and provides effective results.

Onychogryphosis is the thickening of the nail plate with significant deformation of the nail. It is a nail that is difficult to cut and often causes pain. The most frequent cause is microtrauma, when running or braking.

Onychryptosis (ingrown toenail) is the incrustation of the nail edge in the neighboring skin flange and is favored by the shape of the nail, excessive sweating, repetitive infections, and thickening of the nail plate, narrow shoes, and, in athletes, by micro traumatisms.

Imperial Feet has a wide range of excellent products to treat different foot conditions, from liquid solutions, sprays, balms, and even one-of-a-kind nail polishes with oxygen-permeable technology. More than 20 years of experience guarantee you will get the relief you are looking for. Click here to learn more about them.

Final Tips: Pampering Your Foot Nails
Kristy recommends that washing your feet daily with soap and water and drying them thoroughly will ensure your beauty and health. The nails on your feet should be kept short and just like the nails on your hands, they need to be brushed to remove dirt and dead skin that accumulates around them. It is best to perform the same procedure as on the hands using a brush and absorbent cotton.


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