Do you wear the same pair of shoes every day? 4 reasons to stop doing this

We all have a pair of shoes or sneakers that we love to wear almost every day, either because they are the most comfortable, the most beautiful, they go with everything, or simply because they are our favorite. But...

Is it good using the same shoes almost all year? The answer is no. Get to know why!


Humidity and sweat are the perfect scenario for fungus. When using the same shoes several times, we don't allow the internal material to breathe properly, causing the fungus to appear. 

Bad odor? It occurs because of bacteria produced in closed shoes. After cleaning your shoes, and when dry, apply a few shots of Shoe and Socks Spray to disinfect and stop the growth of fungus.


Due to daily use, our shoes or slippers will end deformed and deteriorated in the same areas, especially inside and on the sole. This damage implies that we start to step correctly, and our feet will start to suffer pain or pathologies (as well as other structures such as the knee, hip, or back). The more we use them, the sooner they'll  lose their functions.


Certain types of footwear cause foot pain if they are overused. A clear example is high heels or flip-flops in summer. Due to their characteristics (heel height or thin sole and lack of support), these two examples of footwear can cause pain and pathologies such as plantar fasciitis, sprains, calluses, etc.

Take special attention to sport footwear because they receive more activity than another type of shoes, and they could lose their functions depending on the use.


It's advisable to adapt our footwear for each season. The goal is to avoid problems of perspiration, fungus, chafing, among other pathologies. 

For winter time we recommend wearing footwear with a thicker sole to protect our feet from cold temperatures. In the summer season, we recommend open footwear. If we wear sandals, they must be well-fastened to the ankle preventing friction injuries.

Flip-flops are only recommended in summer for use in swimming pools, showers, as they act as a protective barrier. They should not be used when walking long distances or daily. 

So... What is the SOLUTION to avoid injuries by always wearing the same footwear?

The solution is simple: We should not condition our feet to a single shoe, combine them and give them a break for at least one day to air and not deform.

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