The best 7 exercises that will strengthen your feet

Did you know that a great way to pamper our feet is through exercise? The benefits of performing physical activity for feet are fantastic, from improvements in circulation and flexibility to balance. 

In these times of covid, we need to do a little bit of everything because time will pass and life will continue in one way or another, so it is necessary to stay active.

Simple exercises to strengthen your feet 

The following exercises can help enhance the strength of your feet. Let's see them together!

  1. Toe spreaders:

- Sitting, spread all your toes apart as far as comfortable. Hold for five seconds.

- Repeat 10 times.

Benefit: This move will help you gain control over your toe muscles. You can make it more difficult by placing a rubber band around the toes of each foot.

  1. Towel exercise: 

- Sit in a chair, and place the extended towel on the floor in front of you.

- Put the toes of one foot on the end of the towel and wrinkle them. Then, pull the towel towards you. 

Benefits: This exercise strengthens the muscles of the upper foot and toes.

  1. Roll the ball/bottle:

- Place a tennis ball on the floor near your feet.

- Place your foot on top of the ball and roll it, increasing or decreasing pressure as needed.

- Roll for two minutes with each foot.

Benefits: This exercise will relieve arch pain and plantar fasciitis symptoms. You can also use a bottle if you don't have tennis balls on hand.

  1. Item pickup:

- Place 20 marbles (or other similar-sized objects) and a small bowl on the floor in front of you.

- Pick up the marbles one by one with your toes and place them in the bowl.

- Repeat with the other foot.

Benefit: This exercise will strengthen the muscles on the bottom of your feet and toes.

  1. Barefoot walking:

Since we spend many days at home, it's normal for most of us to wear slippers or flip-flops. But it is better not to abuse them and instead go barefoot or just with socks if the weather is still a little cold. Being barefoot is the most natural way for human beings, and it is also very healthy. Now it is complex to put on shoes, but it will be advisable if it can be done from time to time so as not to dishabituate our feet.

  1. Maintain balance:

- With bare feet, stand on one foot and balance for one minute on each foot.

Our brain's balance system has an incredible ability to compensate itself by creating new nerve connections. 

Benefit: It re-calibrates your brain, making new connections, and strengthens coordination between ears, eyes, joints, and muscles.

  1. Repetitive standing on tiptoe: 

- Lift your body by leaning only on the tips of your toes, as dancers do. 

- Hold for 5 seconds.

- Repeat 10 times.

Benefit: This strengthens the back muscles of the leg, activates circulation, and is beneficial for the health of ligaments, tendons, and joints. 

Foto door cottonbro via Pexels


So you see, these are not exercises that require machines or specific places, because they are very simple. If you do these 7 foot stretching and strengthening exercises regularly (at least 3 times a week) your feet, and your overall health, will thank you. 

These stretches should not be painful, be gentle and careful with yourself according to the shape of your foot. See you in the next article, and thank you for being part of our virtual community!

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