5 tips for healthy feet this autumn

In summer, with high temperatures and open shoes, it is common for the foot to expand and swell. In autumn, feet go back into hiding after spending several months outdoors. So let's do the seasonal transition with some practical tips.

Fall is a proof that change is beautiful

Okay, sandals are giving way to booties and slowly making way for winter boots. Experts point out the following tips to take care of your feet this fall:


  • Care routine
  • Once a week, exfoliate them and free them from dead cells. Believe it or not, exfoliation helps to release many toxins from the skin, cleaning pores and impurities and, thanks to this simple gesture, the skin is ready to receive and absorb any active ingredients that are applied next. After exfoliating, dry your feet very well and then use our scrub and you will notice the changes!

  • Beware of humidity
  • One problem with feet in autumn is moisture. If your feet get damp from sweating, you should change your socks as often as necessary. 

  • Types of socks 
  • Socks, which are the best ally to take care of our feet in autumn, should be made of yarn or cotton, so that they allow the foot to perspire. Remember that they should never be tight at the top, so as to avoid various circulatory problems.

  • Check your shoes very well
  • When the shoes have been stored for several months, it is possible that the insoles have dried out due to sweating, are worn or broken. If the shoes are in good condition, it is recommended to change them in case fungus has appeared or if they cause discomfort when walking. 

    In addition, the soles should be checked and the covers should be replaced if they are deteriorated, so that the footwear does not suffer from wear and tear.

  • Hydration
  • We must avoid dryness because it brings other complications, so it is about moisturizing but be careful with humidity, as we said before, it is not our best ally. 

    It is important to moisturize the feet properly, to avoid the appearance of blisters, cracks and dryness, especially in the heel. Our line of moisturizing balms fit different needs, you can choose Honey Balm, Soft Balm Blue, Urea Foot Balm among many others!

    Happy Fall Y'all!

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