Signs to replace shoes for men

Often people are not aware that footwear doesn't last forever. From Imperial Feet, we tell you basic red flags to change your shoes. If you don't do it on time, you may suffer injuries to your nails and feet. So, let's start!

Signs that you should change your shoes

Replacing your shoes at the right time is very important to maintain your feet' health. Deterioration is not only due to time but also to other factors that you should be aware of. 

Here are few signs that indicate it's time to replace your shoes:

  • You feel pain in your legs or feet.

  • When you do a lot of physical activity or play sports and start to experience pain in your knee or hip joints, you should consider changing your shoes. Usually you feel discomfort in your lower legs, or even on the bottom of your feet.

    The pain may occur because you are not getting the support and cushioning you need. 

    It doesn't matter if it's running shoes like top brands or professional footwear. The moment the comfort of your feet is affected, change your footwear.

  • Worn out sole

  • You could check the sole of your shoe from time to time to analyze if the protectors are very worn.

    Protectors are small designs found on the bottom of your shoes that increase the shoe's grip on surfaces. If you notice that it has rubbed off and the sole is completely smooth, the possibility of slipping and injuring yourself increases, so please replace your shoes.

  • You have had them for a long time

  • The type of shoes you wear influences your health but also their condition.

    The lifespan of sneakers and other types of footwear is quite variable. It depends on factors such as the frequency of use, the material, the maintenance you give them and others.

    Take as a reference the following data on how long a pair of shoes last:

    • If you are into running or similar activities, you should change your running shoes once you have run approximately 1000 km. This may vary depending on your weight.
    • If, on the other hand, you play basketball, tennis or dance, it's suggested that you replace your shoes after 60 hours of use. As in the previous case you must consider your weight.
    • Regarding formal shoes, these have an average life of approximately 5 years since they aren't used so often. But this changes if you use them to go to work. In this case when you notice deterioration you should change them. Or at least replace them once a year.

    Damaged shoes

    Asymmetric wear on the sole

    The way we walk usually causes the sole to wear asymmetrically. It's common, especially in the heel area.

    With high heels, something very similar happens, except that the part that deforms is the heel tip. It makes it hard to maintain balance when walking.

    Heel and toe deterioration

    With use and the passage of time this shoe part is one of the first to show signs of deterioration. The heel and toe lose their original shape and may even break down some of the material in the area.

    Check the resistance level of your shoes by twisting each end in the opposite direction simultaneously. If you twist it easily, the shoe has lost its original resistance. This is an indication to change them.

    Now you could be aware of these signs. We hope you may prevent discomfort. You can do it. See you next time!

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