All-In-One Solution: Fungal Nail Treatment Set!

Union means strength and it makes sense that you can treat a foot fungus and simultaneously prevent it from spreading to your socks and shoes. That's the idea behind this fabulous duo. Meet here 2 products from which the nail fungus will not escape! 

It's quite popularly known as toenail fungus. But this single term covers two conditions: toenail fungus and foot fungus, which are very common so it’s best to apply an anti-fungal solution to attack and prevent these conditions.

Toenail fungus is a fungal infection of the feet skin. It is very common, as many as one in four people have foot fungus at some point in their lives.

Fungal germs (fungi) often occur in small numbers on human skin, where they usually don't cause any damage. However, if conditions are appropriate, they can invade the skin, multiply and cause infection.

An effective solution

Help prevent and eradicate foot fungus and athlete's foot once and for all with the synergy of these two great products: Nail Mycosis Solution, which eliminates nail fungus, and Shoe and Sock Spray that refreshes your tired feet, activates blood flow, eliminates bad odor and prevents bacteria and fungus. 

How to use it

To apply the Nail Mycosis Solution you must first file the nail down as thin as possible with a glass or electric file (only 3 times a week). Use a few drops of the product to the nail and gently massage in. Not just the top of the nail but the entire toe or toes, and don't forget the nail bed. The nail will grow ultimately while becoming softer. Use twice a day, until the fungal infection has disappeared. Please consider improvement signs that vary from 3 or 4 weeks to even 4 months, depending on the severeness of the fungal infection. 

On the other hand, Shoe and Sock Spray is much easier, you only have to apply inside of the shoes once a week (spray six to eight times per shoe). This product works as an excellent protective barrier to restrict the nail fungus to grow.

3 Important tips:

  1. It's best to treat the fungus as soon as the symptoms start, this way you will eradicate the fungus from your feet quickly and your problem won't get worse preventing further discomfort.
  1. Using the fungal nail treatment set will prove to be the best solution to treat this condition because you'll see how your feet and nails heal.

  2. You may also use the entire Imperial Feet product line to keep your feet healthy and fresh. Imperial Feet is a brand created for customers and professionals in the foot care industry. 

At this time, the best treatment for fungal nail infections is the Imperial Feet’s Fungal Nail Treatment Set. Consult your doctor during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Suitable for diabetics. Do not use open on wounds. Wash your socks at 60°C (140°F).

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