Do you know the best growing environment for foot fungus?

Many podiatrists state that excessive heat and humidity are the primary causes of foot fungus in summer. This is why it is essential to take extreme care of your feet to avoid infections. Read on to find out more details! 

During the summer season it is common to walk barefoot in so-called "risky" areas such as swimming pools or public showers. In addition, the "excess heat and humidity" of these spaces are conducive to the appearance of fungal infections. 

The risk of contracting this infection increases if you wear closed shoes, especially if they are made with plastic or if you sweat a lot. You can use antiperspirant sprays that promote dry feet, such as Imperial Feet Shoe & Sock Spray

In general, foot fungus is an easy problem to recognize. Symptoms include redness, itching, burning sensation, cracking or peeling between the toes, small blisters, and bad odor. 

To avoid this, we suggest maintaining good hygiene; wash the feet daily and dry them well, especially between the toes; wear cotton socks and change them frequently; and try keeping the feet dry.

If you have symptoms such as those described above and they do not disappear spontaneously, or reappear frequently, it is advisable to visit a specialist to prescribe a specific treatment with medication.

Here are some recommendations for dealing with foot fungus:

- Current antifungal products have a high range of action: Try Imperial Feet Athlete's Foot

- Wear advanced technology socks - such as those with copper - that allow better ventilation and less transpiration.

- Look for special insoles to keep feet drier in patients who sweat a lot.

These seem like easy changes in our daily routine to avoid contagion or the appearance of foot fungus, but the reality is that we often forget, so it is important to remember this time of year and take precautions. See you in the next article!

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