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What is Nail Mycosis?
Nail mycosis is also known as a fungal toenail infection. It is hard to treat and not easy to prevent.

One of the most common causes is a type of fungus called dermatophyte. This can often be spread through the use of communal showers such as at gyms or places where people walk around barefooted such as spas or saunas. 

This product has been shown to be highly effective in treating nail mycosis. It helps a new nail grow free of infection, slowly replacing the infected part. The addition of glycerin and a specially formulated technique enhances the healing action. Tea tree oil works effectively against bacteria and fungus. Jojoba oil restores the natural balance of the skin by keeping it hydrated and works antibacterial. This product does not contain any water.


First, file the nail down. Apply a few drops to the nail and gently massage in. The nail will become softer again and will ultimately grow normally clear again.

Use twice a day, preferably after showering and before you go to bed. Come back to your professional after 6 weeks to file the nail down again. Use two times a day once more. Visible results after 10-12 weeks. Consistency is the key to success.



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2 reviews for Nail Mycosis Solution

  1. Hock yvonne

    Würde mich für das Produkt interessieren. Ich habe Nagelpilz. Kann ich das kaufen?

  2. Zara

    I must say, I was sceptical at first however this stuff works! I saw the product being used by a nail technician on YouTube and thought I’d give it a go. I was desperate to get rid of my newly acquired infection. I use it most nights and file and trim the mail weekly . It’s been 10 months and I must say, my 2 small nails are cured and my large toenail is 70% better, I expect it to be fully cured with a couple of months. It is a long process and there are no immediate cures for toenail fungus…but I believe if you are persistent with using this product, you will see a significant improvement and cure.

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