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Professional of the week Ingrid Steppe – Erpe Mere Belgium

Foot Care Professional of the week Ingrid Steppe

Introduction to our professional of the week

My name is Ingrid Steppe. I’m from Erpe Mere Belgium. I’m married to Bart and we have 3 children. In 1986 I received my diploma as a beauty technician and started my own salon. I have been a pedicure for 32 years now!

How long have you been working with Imperial Feet?

I recently started with their products

Your favourite products?

My favourite product is the foot balm soft. This product contains yoghurt and honey and the skin feels supple and soft. The balm penetrates deeply and smells fresh!

Foot balm soft pack shot Imperial Feet


My tips for starters in the industry

One tip I could give to new salon owners: keep educating yourself, to keep up with all the new techniques. I think it’s very important to take time for your clients. We get in touch with so many people, especially the elderly who would love to make a chat.

Favourite treatment

My favourite treatment is a standard pedicure. Cutting nails and cleaning them, removing calluses. It means a lot to give clients a wellness treatment.

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