Why are your child's feet so stinky?

If your child's feet smell unpleasant, we explain why and how you might be able to solve it. In this way, this common childhood problem will no longer be embarrassing for the little ones. Let's begin!

First of all, it's not the child's fault, nor yours. Well, in fact, partially not. Bacteria that multiply in humid environments such as those caused by excessive sweating, can cause the lower extremities to produce an unpleasant odor.

This is how science explains it. But the responsibility for this relies on every human being whose feet smell, and in the case of children, with their parents, because it should be avoided, minimized or even better, solved!. 

Although they are not miraculous solutions, if we adjust certain habits, we may avoid this uncomfortable situation. 

The following tips will help you deal with kid's smelly feet:

  1. Hygiene and proper drying: Wash their feet regularly, use neutral soaps, dry well the spaces between the toes. Towels should be personal, not shared.
  2. Trim their nails regularly: Keep them straight to avoid ingrown toenails.
  3. Buy cotton or wool socks for your kids: Synthetic socks should be avoided.
  4. Avoid wearing tight shoes: Their shoes should be firm, but should not compress the toes. Remember that tight shoes can cause excessive sweating, besides affecting the child's foot development.
  5. Don’t buy them footwear made of synthetic materials: The materials should be of high quality (leather, canvas, mesh, etc.) and should allow the foot to breathe.
  6. Avoid continuous use of a single shoe: Shoes or slippers should be aired after use to prevent bacterial growth. Your kids must not wear the same footwear several days in a row.
  7. Periodically wash their insoles of slippers: this will help eliminate odor.  They should be completely dry before wearing them again.
  8. Choose appropriate footwear for them during hot weather: In the summer season, sandals that allow their feet to breathe should be their best option.
  9. Allow feet to air out: Expose feet to fresh air for a while each day.

As parents, it is important to teach our children from an early age to have proper hygiene and drying habits for their feet, to prevent problems such as the appearance of fungus, or bad foot odor. 

We will continue to share more information like this in the upcoming articles!

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