Self-Care Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way we live, to the point that we have developed skills that we had never imagined before. It's just unbelievable. There is no doubt that every day is a challenge to preserve our health, and for that reason, we want to give you simple steps to take care of and protect your feet at home. 

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You don't have to be a professional nail technician to take care of your feet. You only need to know what our feet ' basic needs are and acquire new care habits, and they are as follows:


Take care of your feet in 3 steps



Function: Smoothes roughness, relieves pain, provides rest and comfort. It also activates circulation and promotes oxygenation. 

Solution: Imperial Feet's Foot and Leg Scrub will eliminate dead skin using naturally sourced ingredients such as orchid and jasmine. This wonderful blend hydrates while you scrub your feet to provide that exfoliating experience while nourishing your feet at the same time.

Frequency: Twice a week.

How to use: Apply our scrub to dry feet before showering and massage your feet gently for a few minutes. Then rinse with water. 



Function: Neutralizes odors and helps prevent athlete's foot.

Solution: Foot Deo Spray is a refreshing option that fights against sweating problems and associated odors. It contains glycerin, Aloe Vera, menthol, and eucalyptus. The ultimate formula to refresh and pamper your feet.

Frequency: once a day.

How to use: After showering, dry your feet well, then apply a generous amount of Foot Deo Spray and gently massage into the feet. Especially between the toes.



Function: Hydrates, calms, and improves the dry skin texture.

Solution: Foot Balm Blue provides a healing effect. This balm is ideal for treating dry and itchy feet. It contains ingredients that are perfect for everyday care, like rosemary and eucalyptus. They are quickly absorbed by the skin and stimulate your blood flow.

Frequency: Once a day.

How to use: Wash your feet and dry them carefully. Apply a few drops of the balm and massage with your thumbs in circular movements. Finally, gently massage the top of your feet. A good massage lasts 5 to 10 minutes for each foot.


A unique set of challenges for all of us


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The Imperial Feet team provides you with all the information you need to feel the confidence and support of professionals at your side, even when you are alone at home. We hope you found these tips practical and don't miss our upcoming articles. See you soon!

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