Different types of foot problems

Our feet are our day-to-day walking allies. Absolutely,  but what happens when they suffer from discomfort?  Reasons may vary greatly, and that's why we present the most common foot problems and how to solve them with our specialized range of products. Let's get started! 

Corns and calluses:
These are thickening caused by pressure or friction on the skin. Often they appear on the foot where the bone rubs against the footwear. Corns usually appear on the top or sides of the foot, while calluses appear on the soles. They can also appear on the hands or other areas where there is friction or pressure.  Use Imperial Feet Corn and Calluses Cream to soothe and treat this condition.

Ingrown toenails
A nail becomes ingrown when one or both sides begin to grow into the adjacent skin. It can hurt and cause part of your finger to swell. Ingrown toenails can become infected because of all the bacteria on your feet and inside your shoes. Begins treatment with Nail Mycosis Solution, an Imperial Feet's exclusive formula which contains Glycerin, Tea-tree Oil, and Jojoba Oil with powerful properties for a natural and effective solution.

Athlete's Foot
The athlete's foot is a fungal infection that usually begins between the toes. It usually occurs in people whose feet are very sweaty when they are enclosed inside tight-fitting shoes. Try our Imperial Feet Athlete's Foot Solution because it is highly effective in this matter and also, is rich in vitamin E.

Sweaty and smelly foot
Increased stress, nervousness, temperature, dieting, infections, or many others, are the primary causes of sweaty feet.  Don't worry! This solution can help you combat these sweating and odor problems: Imperial Feet's Foot Deo Spray has been brought to you and solves the problem.

Dry skin
The skin on the feet, like all skin, becomes drier with age, meaning cracks can form. These cracks can be dangerous in neuropathic people, meaning they have no sensation in their feet. Cracks are breeding grounds for bacterial infections. Applying Fissure Balm or Urea Foot Balm is also perfect for cracked heels and softening hard skin.

To relieve foot pains
Most foot pain is due to improper footwear, incorrect postures, and many others. For legs, pains result from wear and tear, joint or bone injuries, muscle, and many other reasons. We can help you! Prepare a bath with hot water for 20 minutes. Then massage with Imperial Feet's Magnesium Oil to make your feet and legs feel fully revitalized.

If you have a situation that you would like us to publish, feel free to write to us at kraljcommunicationsmx@gmail.com We will be happy to consider the idea and make it work. We hope you have found this quick and practical guide to get a more active and cheerful day useful. See you in the upcoming article!

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