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About us

Imperial Feet is an innovative Dutch brand specialized in quality foot care products formulated with natural ingredients that provide effective and proven results. Our number one priority is to improve the overall quality of your life and we aim to provide you with the ultimate foot care products. 

Imperial Feet BV is also the owner of the brand Samenwerkende PedicuresMore than twenty-five years ago, Samenwerkende Pedicures, developed a range of innovative foot care products in the Netherlands. Nowadays, Imperial Feet is a leading international footcare business. The products are still produced in the Netherlands and sold globally.

Imperial Feet BV is a privately owned family company. The company is led by Sylke Bommel, who is the third generation of the family leading the company.

Imperial Feet is 
available worldwide, has distributors in fifteen countries and the brand is continuously improving every day. 

Today, Imperial Feet is: 

  • #1 Bestseller amongst pedicure professionals in the Netherlands and beyond.

  • #1 Bestseller Fungal Nail Treatments on Amazon.