How does heat affect our feet?

Did you know that high temperatures cause pain in our feet? And in the summertime, you can even feel swelling, heaviness, and tiredness. But, why does this happen? Here we will show you the most common situations and how to fix them.

  1. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis

High temperatures cause our feet to sweat excessively, a situation also known as hyperhidrosis. This increases the chances of developing infections (such as fungi). In the article "Everything you need to know about toenail fungus" we tell you all about this common pathology.

Use socks and footwear made of breathable fabrics, avoiding plastic. Also, wash your feet daily, and dry the area between the toes to avoid moisture

  1. Swollen feet

Indeed, the heat causes the veins and capillaries to dilate so that, due to the effect of gravity, blood accumulates in the legs and feet and circulation problems are intensified. To avoid this, place your legs up for a while and cool your feet with cold water.  You may include Imperial Feet’s Foot and Leg Gel to enhance blood flow, also it lowers blood pressure and stress. 

Compression stockings are also a good way to help our body. First thing in the morning, we can start with a cold shower to activate the blood flow and then put on compression stockings (at least during working hours). It is also highly recommended to use them if we are going on a long trip in which we will remain seated for many hours.

  1. Dry feet

The heat and the use of open shoes can also cause an increase in dryness and cracks on our feet (especially on the heels). Solution? Moisturize the skin daily with specific creams for the feet like Imperial Feet's Urea Foot Balm

  1. Injuries caused by tight-fitting shoes

In hot weather, tight-fitting shoes can cause skin lesions such as blisters or fissures. Blisters are generated after maintaining pressure on an area of the foot for a period of time. They can also be caused by friction between the foot, sock, and shoes. 

  1. Appearance of skin diseases

As we spend more time barefoot it is advisable to protect the skin of our feet with sunscreen, with emphasis on the instep area, and not forgetting the plantar area since it can also get burned. In addition to burns, we must be careful about slipping on wet surfaces and cuts with foreign elements that may be on the floor.

In conclusion, it should be noted that heat is a factor that affects our body in general and our feet in particular. For this reason, special attention should be paid to their care both in summer, when temperatures rise and during the rest of the year. Consider these tips and you will be safe!

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