Why sandals are bad for your feet

Our favorite footwear during hot days, but ... do you know the risks of wearing sandals all the time? This practical information will help you prevent injuries and enjoy the summer just the way you planned!

Honestly, sandals are the most comfortable thing in the world. They are very easy to put on, they are very light, and the diversity of styles is endless. So, how can you say no to it? The answer is clear: When the pain is so bad that you can't walk, that's when you say no more sandals all day long.

What happens if I wear sandals every day?

It seems impossible that such harmless footwear can create such painful situations. Having our feet uncovered is what we all look during the summer, but we must be careful because the extended use of sandals may produce adverse effects such as: 

Plantar fasciitis:

It’s an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. It can be caused by wearing unsupportive or worn-out shoes like sandals. Symptoms are pain and stiffness on the inside of the heel, bumps, and tiredness. The sole may also ache or burn when you take your first steps in the morning or when climbing stairs.


  • Have you ever had to take off your sandals to run? We have all been there! Sandals don't cushion the impact against hard surfaces (Due to the thin rubber sole).

  • Or maybe you have felt some discomfort in your knee, hip, waist, or back? This happens because they are flat and cause those pains.

  • Other inconveniences of wearing sandals is its limited foot protection and poor arch support as well.

Photo by Kamile Leonaviciute on Unsplash

Altered walking posture:

According to a study conducted by Auburn University in the United States, when we wear sandals, our steps are shorter, and our heels hit the ground incorrectly, and that modifies the natural rhythm of our walking.


Broken toes and nails, cuts, and possible infections can also happen. Taking care of the feet while in the sun is very important because sunstrokes generate discomfort  in the feet and, in addition, possible complications. 

We recommend you to always wear sandals when you are at the beach, swimming pools, public baths and avoid prolonged use.

What to do when a sandal hurts you?

At Imperial Feet, we offer you many solutions suitable for treating foot injuries. Visit here  https://bit.ly/3Az2Keq our wide range of products will relieve your pain and effectively restore your healthy routine. See you next time and enjoy the summer!

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