2022 is to protect your feet with 2 simple steps!

We agree that there is nothing more uncomfortable than a nail fungus. Honestly, the reason why it happens is not very complicated, and the best part is we all know it:  it's a matter of habit. Don't worry at all, because today we will guide you through 2 simple steps to keep the fungus away from your feet. Let's get started!

Foot fungus is a common condition that can occur at any age. It can be caused by walking barefoot in infected public places like showers in swimming pools or gyms, or even by sweating and not replacing your socks the next day. 

We often believe that small changes in our routine will not make a difference in our health. But since there are so many variables that facilitate the appearance of a foot fungus, it is easier and less stressful to do things in a different way. 

The first step is to pay more attention to our feet, the great supporters of every adventure, whether on the street or even at home. A simple routine is to wash and dry them very well, exfoliate once or twice a month according to your preference, and be careful with any moisture that may remain between the toes. 

Apply a moisturizing cream to promote skin elasticity and blood circulation. Cut your nails well to avoid rubbing against your socks and shoes, and finally, try to keep the foot in a cool environment inside the shoe. But, what happens when you already have a nail fungus?

And here is the second step:

How to cure a foot fungus?

Tea tree oil has powerful healing and disinfectant properties. Tea tree oil was a particular first aid during the second world war. So, it works.  

This ingredient is contained in the Nail Mycosis Solution drops, which you can apply to heal your nail infected from the fungus. It also includes Glycerin and Jojoba Oil, and podiatrists highly recommend it to their clients. 

And once I start the treatment, how do I avoid spreading the fungus to another nail?

One of the best ways to treat foot fungus is to prevent it with the protective barrier offered by Imperial Feet Socks and Shoe Spray. Carefully sprinkle inside of the shoes once a week (spray six to eight times per shoe). Allow shoes to dry. If necessary, also treat the socks.

We hope you have found this information valuable, and wish that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals in 2022!  Your feet are as important as the rest of your body, so Feel Imperial! in taking care of them.

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