Peeling and Itchy Skin

Learn about the different foot wounds

Feet are one of the most courageous parts of the human body, but when they suffer an injury, they can compromise some...

Athlete's foot part II: Q&A with professional nail technician, Wendy-Ann Pompey

"I have an athlete's foot. What should I do?." Pedicure specialist Wendy-Ann Pompey provided additional tips on this ...

Athlete's foot: Q&A with professional nail technician, Wendy-Ann Pompey

We know how uncomfortable an athlete's foot can be, so we bring you quick and clear answers to your most common quest...

Dry skin: Causes and treatment

Have you noticed that over time the heels tend to crack? Well, if our feet are dry, it’s convenient to moisturize the...

What is athlete’s foot, and how to treat it?

Athlete's foot is one of the most common fungal infections and there is a solution to those uncomfortable moments. We...
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