Top 8 products for summer 2020!

Top 8 products for summer 2020!

Finally hot days are here and the inevitable invitation is coming: “Would you like to come to the beach with us this weekend?” At that moment, your mind travels at the speed of the light and you wonder how to disguise that little unpleasant problem you discovered on your feet a few weeks ago. The skin on our feet is incredibly resistant; it is 50 times thicker than your cheeks. However, it is poor in fatty substances, so it is not an area that stands out precisely for its hydration.

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Dehydration during the summer is just one of several uncomfortable foot conditions, such as the appearance of blisters, hardness and calluses. But we’ve got you covered!’

Hot days feel-safe list!

At Imperial Feet we want your feet to look wonderful this summer. Therefore we invented different products that will help you with your at-home foot care routine, let’s get started:

  1. Imperial Feet’s Nail Mycosis Solution for fungal nails Contains Glycerin, Tea-tree Oil and Jojoba Oil with powerful properties for a natural and effective solution that fights pain, redness, inflammation and infection on your toenail. It will be your number one ally!
  2. Imperial Feet’s Fissure Balm for cracked heels
    Moisturizing results from the first application. Its exclusive formula is made of zinc oxide and petroleum jelly to create a double function: Repair and Protect the skin and preventing inflammation and itching. It’s magical!
  3. Imperial Feet’s Urea Foot Balm for dry skin
    Here it is! the Rolls Royce of foot treatments for dry skin. Indulge your feet with a fast absorbing balm that calms itchiness and facilitates intense hydration for your skin. It contains Urea, Nitrogen, Lactic Acid and Glycerin to give the skin a smoother and healthier appearance.
  4. Imperial Feet’s Blister Prevention
    This product has an excellent formula based on glycerine, camphor and tea tree oil that prevents the arrival of blisters. Remember, prevention is THE KEY to success!
  5. Imperial Feet’s Foot Bath Oil for swelling:
    Ideal to enjoy an amazing shower to give you a moisturized feeling and relaxing experience, in addition to treating dryness and tiredness.
  6. Imperial Feet’s Foot and Leg Gel swelling:
    You will receive a boost of revitalizing energy from the special blend of Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Calendula. A must-have for these high-temperature times, couldn’t be better!
  7. Imperial Feet’s Foot Deo Spray to prevent sweat and odors:
    Our antiperspirant spray deodorant guarantees 24 hours of protection and fights all kinds of sweat or foot odor. Its wonderful formula includes a pleasant eucalyptus and menthol fragrance to pamper your feet.
  8. Imperial Feet Nail Polish
    Let’s switch up the routine, show off with a touch of color! Best-selling product among podiatrists in the Netherlands and the United States. Using Oxygen technology your nails will be protected while letting the nail beds breath.
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