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Magnesium Oil

Imperial Feet’s Magnesium Oil works against restless legs and painful cramps and your legs will be free of fatigue and fully revitalized! A fantastic plus to your foot care routine to minimize general pain in your legs. Its sublime formula contains one of the essential minerals used by hundreds of enzymes: Magnesium! and also it is absorbed best by the skin. Recover that amazing feather feeling!


Before and after results

After Magnesium Oil
Before Magnesium Oil
How to use
  • Use our amazing heavy legs treatment twice a day before you go to bed and after showering
  • Apply immediately when you feel cramps in your legs or have restless legs
  • For optimal results, use in combination with Imperial Feet’s Honey Balm

Magnesium improves blood flow.

It helps eliminate cracked heels, corns and calluses.

Prevents the appearance of Varicose Veins.

It also calms psoriasis in the skin.


Aqua, 33% magnesium chloride

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