Well-being starts with our feet! Get to know Imperial Feet’s products especially made for you.

The medical and cosmetic solutions of Imperial Feet provide that essential care requirement you’ve been looking for. All the products are wonderful feet care products and are based on natural ingredients. The products of Imperial Feet provide self-care. Be confident and let your feet and yourself shine again!

We are the leading foot care brand in The Netherlands (and reaching global expansion) and we specialize in quality foot care products formulated with natural ingredients that help you to effectively take care of your feet and prevent the most common foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, nail mycosis, white onychomycosis and cracked heels. 

Our range of products is designed in a way that its application is completely pain-free and easy to use.

In addition, we have a fantastic line of personal care products that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky. 

Give your feet an Imperial Treatment!

Our medical line:

  • Nail Mycosis Solution: Discover our #1 bestseller Nail Mycosis Solution proven to repair and protect your toenail from fungal infections.
  • Athlete’s Foot Solution (foot fungus and eczema): The active ingredients keep your feet free of itchiness and peeling skin while preventing reinfection.
  • Corns and CallusesGet rid of corns and calluses and relieve pain, leaving your skin completely revilatized.
  • Shoe and Socks Preventive Spray: Prevent the nail fungus appearance using this excellent protective barrier.
  • Fissure Balm (cracked heels): A double function Balm. Repair and Protect the skin and preventing inflammation and itching.
  • Urea Foot Balm (cracked heels and hard skin): A fast absorbing balm that cures cracked heels in an effective and pain-free way.
  • WartsRecover your feets health in an effective and simple way. Meet the best wart removal!
  • Foot Deo Spray (sweaty and smelly feet): A pleasant eucalyptus and menthol fragrance to pamper your feet and give you 24 hours protection.

More ‘Esthetical’ Cosmetics

  • Foot Balm BlueAn intense moisturizer with pine oil, rosemary and eucalyptus.
  • Foot Balm GreenAloe Vera and Glycerin with the revitalizing power of Ginseng will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.
  • Foot Balm Soft: Our super formula rich in yogurt and honey, will indulge your feet like a spa treatment! 
  • Honey Balm: Honey balances oily skin, hydrates dry skin and reduces inflammation, in other words it’s Liquid Gold!
  • Magnesium OilWorks against restless legs and painful cramps and will make sure your legs will be free of fatigue and feel fully revitalized.
  • Foot Bath OilDry and cracked feet will benefit from the fantastic properties of lavender as it accelerates the skin’s healing process.
  • Foot and Leg GelProvides the energy to relieve sensations of heaviness while bringing a soothing effect that is long lasting with fast absorbing properties. 
  • Nail PolishOur breathable and oxygenated nail polishes allow you to continue your nail healing process without losing your girly touch! 

With over 20 years of experience in The Netherlands and now available globally, our products have been extensively tested by foot care specialists, exhibiting highly impressive results. Our trusted solutions are suitable for diabetics and are paraben free.

Love your Feet, feel Imperial!

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