Active Ingredients

How almond oil benefits our feet

Traditionally, almond oil has been an excellent choice when treating skin conditions. But it is also used in our form...

Jojoba oil, properties, benefits, and uses

As you know, jojoba oil is the ingredient of many celebrities to show off perfect skin. Your feet can also get those ...

Learn about Marigold's healing properties for feet

Along with Aloe Vera and Burdock, Marigold is one of the most suitable plants for relieving skin conditions. Learn ab...

Benefits and uses of Camphor

Camphor is a substance that grandmothers always used, and the truth is that it has many beneficial properties for the...

Get to know our 3 products with tea tree oil benefits!

Tea tree oil may not be too familiar to the general public, and neither are its benefits.  Tea tree oil is great for ...

Earth Day 2021: Entertaining ideas to take action together

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd to mark the importance of our planet's natural resources. With the c...

How do you use glycerin on your feet?

Keeping your feet healthy, soft, and moisturized will be an easy task if you use glycerin-based products. This specia...
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